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Finval boats - Striving for excellence is a fundamental principle that we follow when we create our boats. There are many passionate and experienced anglers in our team. Together we defined the qualities which are essential for an aluminum fishing motorboats to be ideal for fishing and recreation. First of all, it is seaworthiness allowing to quickly and comfortably reach the place of fishing or picnic. The excess hull strength of the aluminum boats will make you feel comfortable with any wave and will not cause any trouble in operation. The well-conceived inner space will allow keeping all the stuffs and baits in convenient places while the boat’s flotation ability in critical situations will bring the feeling of confidence and security.

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Vobla Marine and Boatworld offer top-class fishing boats. Vobla Marine, Finval's official importer, joined forces with Boatworld to bring Estonian fishermen the absolute excellence of fishing boats in Finval. Spinning world champion Martin Meier started to bring Finval boats ashore, because they have been thought out to the last detail so that recreational anglers can get the most out of their hobby. A fishing boat for fishing in our waters must be stable, shallow draft, with a durable aluminum hull and, of course, fast. In addition, different storage rooms for equipment and an aquarium to keep the fish alive, a proper plotter system, electric motor, rod holders and other necessary - Finnval meets all these conditions. Finnval's top-class boat set in Estonia is put together by Boatworld with long-term experience according to the wishes of every fisherman. In this way, the buyer can be sure that his boat will be completed by the best Estonian masters. NB! It is worth noting that only when purchased from an official dealer, the boats have a factory warranty. Vobla Marine OÜ is the only official importer in Estonia

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