Marinepool Safety 50N 40-60kg

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The Marinepool safety vest is ideal for people involved in water sports. Flexible side panels and soft PE foam ensure maximum mobility for the wearer. The vest is fastened with a clip with a bow strap and two tying straps at the top and bottom. The safety vest is intended for an adult person with swimming skills only for a short stay in the water, provided that after the fall the person gets himself or is quickly helped to the watercraft or to the shore. The safety vest does not automatically ensure the correct position of the body in the water and is not intended to remain in the water for hours. The safety vest protects only those who are able to act and have not lost consciousness from death. This vest does not keep the person’s head afloat by itself, the person must be able to help himself. The safety vest is comfortable to wear even when working on a watercraft. This vest does not require much maintenance.

Life – saving appliances are classified by the term load – bearing capacity and are designated 50N, 100N, 150N, 275N (N – newton).
Safety vests:
50N- Used when rescue assistance is nearby.
Life jackets:
100N- For use in nearshore waters.
150N- For use in offshore extreme conditions, poorly dressed.
275N- For use in extreme offshore conditions, for heavy work clothing.


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