WESTIN D360° Inliner

  • 18g-9.5cm
  • 28g-11cm
  • Amber
  • Black Diamond
  • Blanks
  • Blue Diamond
  • Brown Headlight
  • Copper Diamond
  • Dull Sunrise
  • Green Headlight
  • Headlight
  • Hottie Pearl
  • Olive Diamond
  • Pearl Ghost
  • UV Pickled Sardine


This inline lure is designed to catch more fish – and loose less! It will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away. Occasional spin stops will make it spin and rotate to attract even more trout’s.

The 18 and 28g sea trout versions are designed for sea trout fishing along the shoreline. Even in strong winds they will cast far and still they can be fished in surprisingly shallow water. During the test of the final sample of this lure, one of our test team members caught an impressive number of big trout’s including five chrome fish exceeding 3.0 kilos – all caught during five hours of fishing!

Rigging tip: Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying the line to a single- or treble hook of your choice. If you prefer a free swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the double-stranded part of the ring.

Lead free construction
Material: Zinc
Several UV, FluoMax and MetalPlated colors
Incredible swimming action
Inline concept – lose less fish!
Designed and developed in Scandinavia




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